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The DSP7X4 is designed to provide real time parameter display or numeric information in a 1-Wire network. The DSP7X4 provides four, 10 cm digits, a decimal point, a colon and a degree mark. The display background is flat black for high contrast and the LEDs are among the brightest available. This combination results in a super clear display at distances of up to 15 meters. At distances of up to 5 meters the DSP7X4 is visible in direct sunlight. Multiple units can be cascaded to produce seamless numeric displays of variable length.

The DSP7X4 may be placed up to 1000+ feet from the host using CAT-5 twisted pair cable in a network of up to 100 1-Wire devices. In addition all I/O and data communications are CRC16 error checked for accuracy. The DSP7X4 has a built-in multidrop controller which provides a unique 64 bit registration number (8-bit family code + 48 bit serial number + 8 bit CRC) assuring error-free selection and absolute identity; no two parts are alike. Unique addressing allows sensor function to be identified absolutely.

The DSP7x4 requires a standard 1-Wire host interface or adapter. Please contact us to for programming examples.


  • Four, 10 cm tall characters with decimal point, colon and Deg. Mark
  • Very bright, Visible in direct sunlight
  • Low profile, less than 3 cm
  • Low Mass design for easy wall mounting
  • Unique 64 bit electronic serial number
  • Digital Data, CRC16 error checking on all I/O
  • Built-in multidrop controller for CAT-5 twisted pair networking
  • Uses 1-Wire Communication Protocol
  • 1000+ Feet from Host in network of up to 100 devices

1-Wire ConnectionRJ12
Operating voltage12 Volts
Active current (all LEDs off)80 MicroAmp
Active current (all LEDs on)400 mA
1-Wire bus load5 MicroAmp
Dimensions34 x 13 x 2.5 cm

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